Interesting conferences 2018

Martin BielikMarch 22, 2018

Are you planning to visit a conference near Bratislava this year? We made a list of exceptional tech conferences in 2018 for you:

WebExpo 2018

21.–22.9. 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the biggest tech conferences in Czech Republic. 2-day conference with 70 speakers from around the world and more than 2000 attendees. That is a great opportunity to find out what is new in web development or design and meet inspiring people.


6.-7.6.2018 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Are you interested in inovative ideas, startups, artificial inteligence, IoT or cyber security? You can find all mentioned and more at Techsummit 2018, one of the biggest technology-innovation conference in central europe.

We Are Developers 2018

16.-18.5.2018 in Vienna, Austria

Large tech conference with around 8000 attendees and more than 150 speakers. Every software developer will find here presentation by his taste in more then 10 tracks. The range of topics is really wide - backends/frontends, ux and design, security, robotics, AI and much more.

ReactiveConf 2018

29.-31.10.2018 in Prague, Czech Republic

ReactiveConf is moving after three years of successfull conferences from Bratislava to Prague. This 3-day conference is dedicated to JavaScript and functional programming. You can meet here the most famous JS experts from all around the globe.

OpenSlava 2018

Date is not set yet, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Although official date is not announced yet, OpenSlava belongs to this list. Conference is organized by Accenture and growing on popularity each year. You can get inspired by great innovative ideas and find out more about cutting edge technologies from frontend, backend, cloud, automation or AI.


All of mentioned conferences are great opportunities to learn, get new perspectives and meet interesting people. Sometimes it is hard to pick the best talk from such rich program.

Have you ever been confused what is going on next, experienced problems with WiFi or forgotten your note papers? That is exactly what we are trying to improve! Help us make experience from conferences even better and let us know what you think.

We hope you get inspired by this list and plan to visit at least one of them.

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